Signals for replacing Shingles Roofing

Home Improvement

Many people look for replacing their roofing once they find some leakage. Shingles roofing are found in many new homes. However, they get damaged due to various reasons. Roofing repair Burlington by D’Angelo Roofing has identified various signals when your house needs a roof replacement.

Check out the below tips to determine if a new roof is required:

  1. Flashing gets damaged –

Flashings are made from variety of materials which can withstand severe weather conditions. Your home is prone to water damage if the flashing gets affected.

  1. Curling and buckling of shingles –

Shingles may have curled or buckled up with time. The edges of shingles turn upward or the middle of the shingles come up. This is the sign that you may need to replace your roof. For this first, you need to check the slopes of your home that get direct sunlight. If you see that shingles are curling and losing granules, it could mean they are getting old. The chances of roof being defective are also there.

  1. Falling of roof valleys –

Valleys are part of the roof which is helpful during snow or rain. The water or snow flow in the gutter through valleys. If there is some issue in valley or roof shingles are falling apart, you need to get a new one. This is because the chances of roof leaks are high.

  1. Absence of shingles –

Roofing may also fail if all the shingle tabs are not intact. The areas may become bare if shingles are not present and affect weatherproofing.

  1. Cracked shingles –

Wind can damage the shingles. You can replace if only a few are cracked. However, if the area is more, you should think about the new roof. Within three to five years you need to have a new roof as suggested by Roofing repair Burlington by D’Angelo Roofing.

  1. Finding shingles granules in the gutter –

You can find in your gutters if they are full of shingle granules. If since 10 to 15 years, you find the granules than you need to replace the roof. This is because with time roof start losing granule. Also, some parts of the roof may become darker. This shows that the granules have worn away.

  1. Shingles having moss or algae –

This mainly is when the look of shingles get affected. Using bleach and water you can remove the algae or moss. However, if you are more into replacing the roof, better opt for algae-resistant tiles.

  1. Sunlight through the shingles roofing-

You should check if sunlight is penetrating through the roof boards. Also, you need to check the moisture. There are chances of leak too. So consult an expert for shingles replacement in such cases.