Smart watches: The Epitome of Digital watches


When the world saw the not-so-subtle transformation of the world from analog to digital, the changes were all around the world. They were slow but there. One of those changes was the change in the operation of the wrist watches. These little devices were now made of digital technology and didn’t have arms to show us the time but changing numbers on the digital screen. A lot has changed since then. When these digital watches were new people were fascinated by how this device could also be used as a stop watch and not just to see the time. They were mesmerized by the very thought of multitasking in a single device. It was probably the earliest forms of systems that carried different applications in a single device.

Fast forward to years ahead and today, we have smart watches that could give any digital watch a run for their money. These watches, apart from showing the time, can do a lot more than act as stop watch. This shows how the pursuit of man never ceases; it is always looking for more and more and more. The watches kept improving until point has reached and for the time, ahead we can’t say much. There’s one thing however that needs mention. Watches have been around for a very long time. And yet they continue impress the masses. A lot of technologies came and went but watches have stayed long. This could be due to the fact that time is never ending. It’s like a fashion that never goes out of style, so if time doesn’t go out of style, why would the watches go?

In keeping with this thought of watches long-standing reputation of being a companion; they were made into smart watches by the people of our century to make sure they aren’t buried beneath the crumble of the old technologies and forgotten sciences. To make sure these survived, enough has been given to the device itself. These smart watches do a lot of things like helping you check emails and messages, taking a call or of course acting as a smart watch. When there’s all this that can be done, everyone would want one, won’t they? And they are easy to use too, you just have to connect them to your smartphone and you are good to go. There are new changes being made daily and there are many innovations coming in. So, if you don’t want to miss on those amazing features you would need to stay updated by the news of the industry.

You should always remember, we wouldn’t have been where we are if we hadn’t taken the road we took. We took the road of analog to reach digital platforms. We should not forget the contribution of the analog watches in serving the multitudes of happy people they still serve. These watches are like the veterans in an army camp, they have better stories than you because they have been out there for a longer time.

In keeping with all this, keeping memories close holds meaning. There are people whose first watches were gifts; there are people whose last watch was a gift too, irreparably damaged yet very much in the wrists too. The stories of the emotions connected with the world of watches are just like anything that’s loved by the masses: Nostalgic.

There may come a time when it all goes away. Sometimes, life feels like a stop watch, nearing death fast but what happens if you try to control it. Would you be able to? Of course not. But there goes an interesting thought. There is so much that goes on in our lives and the time passes like a slow serpent in the grass, without any sound. Well, if you have a quartz watch you know you can finally hear the tick of that watch.  There’s more that could be said about watches of old that smart watches could not replicate but they are here, and they will stay long, so don’t get into a fight with one another.