Some Best Ideas for Rooftop Click in NYC


When it comes about the beauty, popular tourist destination and nightlife of any city then New York is one of the most discussed cities. There are many beautiful places in NYC, and when it comes to exploring the nightlife, then NYC is the best city. If you are a traveler or a tourist and want some great shots then capturing the beauty of this city can give you the best clicks. Also one can find the best rooftop for capturing the beauty of NYC

Some of the best rooftops where you can get the best of the picture are

  1. Cloud social: It is the place where you can sit at the high top building and can see the busy nature of the town. Sit back and relax over there with loved ones and friends.
  2. Le Bain: This is the place where you can move your body with loud music and crazy disk. You can have a look at the city from the top and can have a great view of the lakes.
  3. The metropolitan museum of art: It is one of the finest places and makes sure you can reach this place before the sunset. This place has an amazing sunset view with a central park and Manhattan skyline view too.
  4. One world trade center: At this place, you have to buy a ticket to observe the tallest building and western hemisphere. It has a great view of NYC. One can have the best of the pictures in NYC.
  5. Refinery Rooftop: It is one of the places with a great space and amazing views, where you can find a lot of people, crowd gathering for partying and for relaxation.

So these are some places where you can go and find the amazing and amusing views of the city and capture the city best moment.

Explore more places
One can explore places for rooftop clicks. There are a number of places about which you can read online and explore them in cities. Here are some names of places