Some of the factors which help you in the selection of led lamps


Led or light emitting diodes as you call it are solid state semi-conductor electronic devices which radiate light when current is passed through them. Their size is comparatively very small than the traditional light bulbs and they can easily be fitted in all types of electronic circuit and location. The new technological development in led has made it a perfect option for house and office applications. It comes with specs like durable life, high energy efficacy, lower voltage operation, less heat dissipation and immediate light supply. With so many benefits of led lamps, surely mankind has given up on fluorescent lights and mercury bulbs.

If you really like the benefits offered by led lamps over your traditional lights, and you are thinking of renovating your house or office with led lamps, then you need to keep some of the factors given below in mind:

Shape of the led lamps: you see these lamps are available in plethora of shapes and you have literally a gigantic range to select from. This choice large depends on the location where you want to install the lamp. For instance, if you are looking for bedroom led lamps, then they will be different from your kitchen or bathroom lamps. If you want to choose led lights for your backyard, then opt for flood lamp type while for indoor purpose opt for spotlight variety.

Energy efficacy and brightness: it is a known fact that led lamps use highly lower energy in comparison to the traditional incandescent bulbs. However, in order to receive high levels of brightness, you need to choose led bulbs which have maximum lumen to watts ratio. Also remember that brightness of a bulb is measured in lumen and the power consumption is measured in watts.

Color: led lamps are not like conventional bulbs, hence they are available in plethora of colors. Even if you opt for a white led, it will offer you different light shades. While some led lamps offer cool soft white, others provide bright white light. But, surely you need to choose them depending on the location where you want to use the led lamp. So, select the lamps in the right color according to your taste, location and brightness level needed. For a led lamps for your bedroom, you can go for soft colors like pink and yellow. For study room, opt for bright white light to get maximum brightness.

Warranty: though led lamps are durable, but if you purchase them from cheap vendors they may not last long. Hence, you should buy lamp [โคมไฟ, which is the term in Thai] only from a reliable and reputed store online which offer you the right warranty. Warranty will make sure that you don’t face any type of inconvenience because of the malfunctioning of the lamp and it can get replaced free of cost.

If you keep these factors in mind when buying led lamps, then you will have a hassle-free experience of using all types of LED lamps in your house or office.