Some Tips For Marketing Your E-Books Effectively


After getting done with creating your e-book, you must be confused about how to do the proper marketing. Do not worry as we are here to guide you with some marketing tips, which you can use in the purpose of marketing your e-book. Well, you have to understand that writing your book only is not going to do the needful. You have to keep working on it. And by working, we meant marketing. Without proper marketing, it will be hard for you to reach your desired audience. For the sake of appropriate distribution of your books you can opt for IngramSpark and for obtaining stunning discounts, you can make use of CouponHub.

Create a strong landing page

We are aware of the popularity of the landing pages of the e-book. But, the landing pages are not only popular, but they are quite remarkable as well. If you can craft a proper landing page, it will help you to build hype and will deliver you with a potential e-mail list. This mailing list will not only help you in the field of marketing but will also be beneficial for you in the future. And to provide your e-book with a personal and unique corner, include the tab that will lead your viewers to your website.

Invite readers as well as visitors for the sake of updates

According to most of the authors, their mailing list is the best place for marketing. They consider it to be the best sale funnel. These authors have acknowledged that inviting people through emails for the sake of signing up with a well-crafted pop up is the most efficient and trustworthy way to build a list. Whenever you are making a pop-up, you have to take care of Google’s ‘Intrusive interstitials’ update and set up your forms in such a way that they don’t scare the receivers.

Make other formats available for your e-book

It is one of the most useful and significant tips to be considered on the list. It is essential to plan repackaging strategies for your book. It will be best for you if you do the planning while writing your book. Well, we are not saying to repackage all the contents of your book, but you can include:

  • Create an enthralling slide-share with quotes, which will reflect your book takeaways.
  • Craft a summary infographic, to provide some of the visuals of your book to your readers.
  • Make use of highlighted stats, and you can use both slide-share and infographics in this case.

Acknowledge your target audience

Try to search for numerous online communities where you think that you will get your target audiences. Be an active part of that community and be helpful to gain trust amongst them. Well, one of the ways to help the people of those communities by answering their questions. It is a prevalent human psychology that if you help them out, they will become more receptive. In addition to that, you have to make sure of the fact that you are sharing some useful contents with them, which they can use in their life.

Ask people for reviews

It is a common tendency amongst people to check for reviews before buying a product, no matter what it is. So, when they go for purchasing an e-book, they will do the same thing. Thus, what you have to do is to ask people for proper reviews of your book. Try to project the reviews of the books where the readers have conveyed their satisfaction about reading your books. Also, you can request your readers to provide you with reviews after they have bought and digested your book.

Giveaway is also a valid form of marketing

Giveaway of your books for short term promotions can be quite handy. It will eradicate the risk of financial risk for your readers as they will consider taking your book without bothering about any risk. Some studies have showcased that a free book has 10 times more download compared to priced books. Once you gain the trust of the readers, your marketing will reach a new high, and it will help you to establish yourself as an author.

So, these are some of the marketing tips that you can look for. It will deliver you a boost in your sales and will also help you to strengthen your ground as an author. In addition to that, you can inject trust amongst your readers, which will be beneficial for you in the long run.