Styles With Cooling Bandanas For Your Frenchie Dog In Summer


It’s that time of the year when you are going to sweat a lot. If you stay in India, you and summer share a bonding as it brings harvest time with it.

Summer and dog owners

But if you are a dog lover and have a dog as pet at your house, it’s time for you to be that protective parent. Summer does bring a lot of good things but along with it, it also brings a lot of worries for the dog owners especially for those owning a Frenchie bulldog.

What heat does to your Frenchie?

Frenchie are excellent indoor pets. Their size and short coat make them complete for quarters or house conditions and after all, they were made to be house mates. If you are a newbie parent, you should know what heat and hot climate does to your Frenchie. First, due to overheating they can start panting too hard which will result in his palate, tongue and throat to swell and close.

That’s a fatal condition called brachycephalic airway syndrome (BAS). To prevent overheating, you can buy French bulldog cooling bandanas. The bandana helps to cool your dog by evaporation. As you may be aware, dogs don’t sweat, they must cool themselves by panting. But Frenchie bulldogs can get in distress if they pant excessively.

The mermazing cooling bandanas

The best way to keep your dog cool (after you have arranged for the necessary essentials), is to get a mermazing cooling bandana for Frenchie dog which is easily available on The Frenchie store. Not only will the French bulldog cooling bandana be helpful in cooling them but also to add a style statement.

Styles with cooling bandanas

 Here are few ways to make a mermazing cooling bandana for Frenchie dog:

  • The cowboy

 Fold the bandana into a triangle. Tie it loosely around doggy’s neck, leaving point of triangle at front.

  • Basic Roll tie

Fold bandana in a triangle. Roll it, starting with point of triangle. Tie loosely around your dog’s neck, creating a double knot.

  • The bow tie

Fold in edges to meet at center. Fold in edges again. Begin to tie a loose knot by looping one end of the bandana around the other. Keep one end longer than the other.  Loop the larger end of the side you haven’t knotted over the opposing side of bandana. Begin creating knot on the opposite side of the bandana. Before securing knot, weave leash underneath knot. Then tie tight and flip to regulate the bow.