Terms you should always know as you play online casino.


Online casinos have gained popularity, and many people are joining them. The online casinos have their terms that are used. As a player, you may be confused by the different terms that are used. Knowledge of the terms will help you even play better in the trusted online casino Malaysia. There are terms that you will come across as you play. The most common types of conditions include;

House edge

The house edge means the advantage the casino has over the players. It is a term you will encounter in different games, especially the table games. Different sports have levels of the house edge.

Low house edge means that chances of winning are higher and vice versa. As a player is looking for games to play the house edge should be one of the things to look at and know.

Random number generator

The RNGs are the backbone of online casinos such as Bolaking. The RNGs are used in all the games. The machines are used for shuffling in card games and creating random numbers in other sports such as slots.

The security of the RNGs is responsible for the fairness of the games. They are audited to ensure them that they have no issues that affect the games. It is a term that may confuse new players, and you should be aware of the meaning.

Return to the player percentage

It is yet another term that helps one learn the chances of winning. It is also known as the expected value. Return to player percentage means the percentage in which the players get their returns from different games.

The higher the expected value, the higher the chances of winning in the different games. You can find the expected value from the casino site’s details. The percentage can also be got from searching the web as they are articles that provide information on the return to player percentages of different games.


Odds are used in all the casino games and even in sports betting. Odds are the ratios between the amount staked to the bet. The odds determine the amount of money being won. Some odds are fixed and those that change from time to time depending on the games.

The online casino games, such as slots have fixed odds. The other types of games, especially sports betting, differ the odds because of their different probabilities.


It is the hugest winning in any game. There are different types of ways you can achieve the jackpot depending on the game you are playing. As a player ensure you fulfil the requirements to win lots of money.

Games such as slots have progressive jackpots. To achieve a chance to win such prizes, you will have to play consistently.