The Best Marketing Materials You Need to Increase Your Sales


Thousands of businesses are started each month. This is why it can be a bit challenging to stand out. Thankfully, there are many ways you can gain more traction for your business. One of the best ways you can cut through the noise is to ensure that you have the right materials for your marketing campaign. By doing this alone, you can significantly increase your brand visibility plus your monthly sales.

Find out what printed materials you need to expand your market and get more paying customers in the short guide below.

Company brochures

Brochures are best used to contain in-depth information about a company’s products and services. These are usually handed out to customers and investors during seminars or forums. To make sure that your brochures don’t end up in the trash bin, make sure that they contain valuable information.

Also, you should keep the design neat and clean. Don’t forget to incorporate your branding so you can leave a lasting impression. Highlight the most essential information as much as possible so your customers can easily get the message.

Product catalogues

Old-school product catalogues used to be big with thin pages plus poorly conceptualised graphics. However, nowadays, thanks to the advanced design software available, it’s easier to make better-looking materials. If you don’t have the technical know-how to layout a product catalogue, you can always hire a professional to handle the job.

Be sure to highlight the key benefits a customer can enjoy when he/she buys your product. You should also include the most important features of the products. If you really want to make a solid impression, you should check out the materials handed out by your competitors. Learn from them and deliver content that they fail to provide.

Signage, banners and flyers

Materials such as rollerbanners, signage and flyers are quite effective in capturing the attention of people passing by. Unlike brochures and catalogues, you only get to use limited photos and text. As such, you have to be very precise in creating your design concept. The signage, banner or flyer content should be focused.

Avoid adding images, vector art, graphics and other components that won’t contribute to the overall value of the material. Instead, use relevant content that will help your customers understand your goals and mission.

Business postcards

If you think business postcards are no longer relevant in today’s market, you should definitely reconsider. Postcards usually feature a two-sided sheet allowing customers to read the information they need about a promo or product quickly and effectively. Unlike the rest of the marketing materials enumerated above, postcards provide very little opportunity for you to provide a lot of info. As such, you should aim to use content that packs a punch.

Also, aim to send business postcards at the right moment. Ideally, these work best for seasonal promotions and product launches.

Although more and more businesses make use of digital marketing for their campaigns, it still pays to invest in traditional marketing. It remains highly relevant especially if you want to reach older folks.