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Within the offer of casinos, physical and online games, you can find the option of live baccarat slot99. This game, also known, is recognized as one of the most glamorous and it is not for nothing that it is the favorite game of the well-known secret agent James Bond or 007.

But what does this game present to us? And what are its advantages over electronic gaming?

  • We are going to talk about it all here.
  • To start talking about this game it is necessary that we make it very clear what it is about.

Thus, the first thing you should know about it is that it presents the game developed on a physical table, with its respective dealer and developing according to the original rules of the game.

  • But what are the rules of live baccarat? 
  • How does the game unfold? 
  • And what should you know about him?

To fully understand what this live game is about, below you can find several important points and data about it:

The gaming table is recognized for being one of the largest found in casinos and it handles a total of 14 seats. Due to the large number of players that are admitted, the game is not managed by a single dealer but by 3 who are in charge of ensuring that the game runs smoothly. Also, when participating in the live game the player must know that 7 players are located on one side and the other 7 on the other end.

On the other hand, you should know that in baccarat it is the players who deal the cards

Regarding the development of the live baccarat game, you should know that when starting it, two hands are dealt. One of them is the one that represents the player, that is to say the Point, and the other hand is that of the Banker.

  • Now, another interesting detail of the game is that the player is not obliged to bet on the Point’s hand, but can bet on the Banker’s hand or he can choose to go for a draw. In any case, the objective of the game is to bet on the hand that is believed to be the winner or the result that is believed to be given.
  • It is essential that the player who decides to participate in live or electronic baccarat knows that the maximum play is the sum of 9 points.

But, electronic gaming does not compare with live gaming and there are many rituals that this form of gaming handles. For example:


Within the scenario of a live baccarat game it is the players who are in charge of dealing the cards, so the dealers find themselves managing and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.