The Best Pet Boarding in Apex NC


Many of us want to bring our beloved pets wherever we go, but as all pet owners know, this isn’t possible. There are times where the services of the best pet boarding Apex NC facility is required. Since you are leaving your fluffy family members in the care of others, it is a must to entrust their lives and safety to the best of the best. Here are some tips to help worried pet owners find the right kennel for their pets: 

1: A Tour

Ask the facility if you can walk around their establishment before booking your pet’s stay. This is the best way for you to see and observe the kennel, how they treat the pets, and what facilities are available. 

2: Talk To The Staff

While you are visiting and taking a tour of the pet boarding Apex NC facility, also take the time to talk to the staff. These are the people in charge of caring for your pets. A conversation with them will give you a better idea if they are trustworthy or not. 

3: Read Reviews

Look up the different online reviews about any potential pet kennels. These reviews will help you avoid kennels with bad reputations and narrow down your list of the best kennels in the Apex area. 

4: Ask About Daily Routines

The boarding facility should have a schedule set for the pets in their care. Don’t trust a facility that does not have a set daily routine because they will most like keep your pets caged during their entire stay. 

5: In-House Vet

No pet sitting place should operate if they do not have a licensed veterinarian working for them. Accidents and emergencies require immediate attention that only a vet can deal with safely. 

6: Cleaning Standards

Ask the staff about their cleaning regimen as the kennels should be regularly cleaned and sanitized for the safety of every pet they house. 

7: Single Kennels

Not all pets are comfortable mingling or sleeping in a shared area. Try to see if they have single sleeping kennels or cat condos for your pet, if not, it may be best to look for another facility. 

8: Staff Training

The staff looking after your pets must be trained to handle pets when they become aggressive or hostile. If they are not trained to do so harm may come to your pets, the staff members, and other pets. 

9: 24-Hour Staff

A pet boarding facility should always have a staff member present and active at all hours of the day. Leaving the animals behind for the night should not be an option as it puts every pet in danger. 

10: Allows Personal Items

Pets may feel scared or anxious during their first stay at the kennel and their favorite toy can offer them a lot of comfort. Ask about the facility’s rules and regulations about personal items before deciding on booking a room for your pet. 

11: Diet And Treats

The pet boarding facility should take the diet of your pet seriously. They should refrain from feeding the pets in their care low-quality pet food. A snack here and there is also a nice bonus because all pets deserve a treat once in a while. 

Harmony Animal Hospital is considered the best pet boarding Apex NC. If you will be going on a holiday or just need a safe place where you can leave your pets, contact us today.