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Gone are the days when people hesitated by the thought of working from home. Work from home is no more just a thought that people dream of. The advent of time has brought a surge in the options available for work from home now. You can start working remotely for a company. You can also start your own business and work from your home, part-time or full time.

India has also progressed in the sector of work from home-based jobs. The number of companies that have been running successfully have increased and multiplied many folds in India. Therefore, even the opportunities for work from home have increased with time. You can find the opportunities in top cities like work from jobs in Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities like part-time jobs in Delhi as well.

With this article, we are listing below the various career options that you can choose from, to grab a work from home opportunity.


Do you have the passion to make creative and artistic animations for television, video games, movies, etc? Then you can definitely look for a job as an animator. A lot of companies hire freelancers to make creative and unique animations for their media platforms.

Customer Service Representative

Startups and in some cases even established companies hire freelancers working as customer service representatives. These freelancers only need a working landline connection and a good speed internet. Your job will be to deal with the issues of the customers of a certified company, from the comfort of your home.

Data Entry

Data Entry jobs have been one of the oldest jobs that can be done from a remote location as well and not compulsorily from an office or company premises. Businesses run with a great amount of data and information. And not all businesses hire separate employees for the work of a data entry operator. They usually hire freelancers for data entry work and in some cases, convert data from sheets or files to virtual data.

Graphic Designer:

Businesses need help in designing their logos, web design as well as for the designing of visual ads. Since every business needs to have a strong online presence nowadays, the graphic designers are always in need. The number of clients freelance graphic designers can get depends on the skills they have. The more skilled you are, the more unique and impressive your work is, the more clients you can garner for yourself.

Photographer or Videographer

A collection of photographs is never enough for anyone in the society of today. So if you have the talent of clicking lively pictures, then you can start your career as a freelance photographer. Freelancers usually maintain a portfolio of their best work to show their talent to the potential customers. In fact, nowadays there are a lot of sites that buy pictures from photographers. So if you have the zeal, then go for this option.

Social Media Manager

Due to an increased usage of social media and technology, almost every business has made sure to make a presence digitally. The competition in every business is high and it has become rather compulsory to reach the customers on a private level. Therefore, businesses hire freelancers who can work as social media managers. These freelancers work towards making a remarkable presence of the brand of the business, making consumers aware of the new services and products. They are also supposed to make new social media strategies for the brands.

There’s no shortage of work from home job opportunities. You just need to have the passion and patience to prove yourself to potential companies and grab the opportunities that come your way. Remember, you have to make your own clients so you need to prove your skills and talent time and again.