The Right Prices For Various Handyman Services


At least once in a year, in Singapore, handymen are hired for a proper maintenance of the household. The word ‘handyman’ refers to a person having all kinds of knowledge regarding household repair works. Both residential and commercial repair works can be done by handymen with utmost perfection. If you get to know what they can do and how they charge, you will be able to hire the right handyman service for your household needs in the future.

How the Prices are Charged

According to the location and the type of the job, the charges are proposed by the handymen. There are common prices for the handymen however, and you will need to keep that in mind. A number of other factors are also involved in the cost process. For a more accurate pricing and cost guide, you can check out this article at

For the general home service, the following charges are made:

  • Blinds/Shelves/Blinds/Mirrors installation: $50 to $70
  • TV brackets installation: $50 to $90
  • Wall-mounted fan installation: $60 to $120
  • Ceiling fan installation: $80 to $150
  • Chandelier installation: $90 to $120
  • Pictures and frame installation: $50 to $70
  • Furniture assembling: $80 to $120
  • Tables and chairs assembling: $50 to $70
  • Television repair: $150 to $400

Do not forget that you may also have to bear extra charges for the transportation fee of the handyman.

Now let us have a short look at the different kinds of charges they take for other different works.

  • Doors replacement: $60 to to $380
  • Plumbing works: $50 to $200
  • Water Heaters installation or replacement: $60 to $150
  • Lighting or switch replacements: $50 to $70
  • For printing services: $980 to $1780

When hiring a handyman, you will have to take note of the kind of services you are expecting from them. At the same time, you need to check if they have the right equipment with them or not. Just as the handyman can quote you for their works, you have the right to test them and find out if they are suitable for the work or not.

When you are paying for the service of the handyman, then the below-mentioned factors will matter a lot:

The kind of repair work to be done:

If the repair or maintenance work that you have is a small one, then the price can range from a simple $50 to $60. On the other hand, if you have work that takes a long time and effort to finish and covers a large part of the house, then you can be sure that the charges will increase fast. When the handyman checks the projects, he makes the estimate and the quote based on factors like the difficulty of the project and the time needed.

The size of the project

There are projects that look small but have a lot to work on. On the other hand, there are bigger projects which has very little to be done. The charges vary over that as well. Then, there are the medium projects for which the prices are well balanced.

Take all these factors into consideration when you need to pay the handyman. A good handyman will make a complete and clear quote at the very beginning.