The Right Wedding Ring For the Best Moment


Today the wedding rings are mainly a beautiful piece of jewelry that is supposed to symbolize the love of two people. Today, hardly anyone knows that the Wedding Rings were even more important. It’s a journey through the history of these symbols for love and loyalty.

Just as the ring has no beginning and no end, so the relationship and the covenant with God should last forever. These were Pope Nicholas’ words in 855 to describe the ecclesiastical and official meaning of the wedding rings.

The story goes back to ancient times. The Egyptians and Romans thought that through the left ring finger a vein leads directly to the heart and thus to love. Even today the wedding rings are still worn on the ring finger.

The Wedding Ring: Promise and Assurance

In the past, an expensive ring was something like insurance; on the one hand to bind the spouse to themselves, on the other hand to secure them financially. The woman could see the financial strength of the future on the engagement ring. It was not until the 13th century that the rings were integrated into the church’s wedding rituals. Since then, two rings have been shown in church writings, which are intertwined. The rings can only be separated if one of them is broken “until death divides you”. The circular and closed shape represents the eternity and solidarity of the bride and groom, who entrusts the rings in front of the altar. The ring is intended to support the continuity of the connection between two people and to remind the wearer of the promise to love and honor the partner even in turbulent times.

Getting Married

One of the most famous phrases in the Bible is “Love never ends”. He still likes to be quoted at weddings today. However, there are also many adventurous stories about wedding rings. An old custom says that the wedding ring should never be removed; otherwise it will cool down and love at the same time. In addition, the ring already shows who is wearing the pants in the marriage. If the ring gets stuck on the bride’s finger on the middle part, the woman will have the say in the marriage. But if the wedding ring goes easily on the finger, the man determines.

Engraving Makes Wedding Rings Unique

Probably the most classic variant are narrow gold wedding rings. An engraving makes the personal rings unique. In the meantime, there are even many blacksmiths where bridal couples can design and forge their own rings under the guidance of expert staff. The saying “be his lucky blacksmith” takes on its own meaning.

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring and Wedding Band Differences

Meaning of Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are a symbol of loyalty, love, solidarity and permanence. In contrast to engagement rings made of white gold with a zirconia stone, wedding rings are usually kept classic and simple in yellow gold tones. To get a unique ring there is the possibility to set the surface of the ring with small diamonds.

The round shape of the wedding rings is given special importance. The rings are self-contained and therefore have neither an end nor a beginning, which embodies infinity. This infinity is said to represent the love between the two spouses. Wedding rings have been part of the church wedding ceremony since the 13th century. Nowadays, newlyweds also exchange rings at civil weddings. The rings are exchanged after saying yes. At the church ceremony, the rings are blessed before the exchange.

Which Hand Is The Wedding Ring Worn On?

When asked which hand the wedding ring is worn on, there is no clear answer. The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, but this is not widespread in international comparison. In many western nations, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Even the Romans wore the ring on the left, because they believed that the bloodstream in the left ring finger leads directly to the heart, creating a connection between the symbol of the wedding ring and the heart.

Engraved Wedding Rings

Many bridal couples want their wedding rings to be individualized by their trusted jeweler by having them engraved. The name of the partner and the wedding date are often chosen for this. This is also a way to not forget the anniversary. Of course there are no limits to creativity when it comes to engraving.

The Importance of the Wedding Ring

It was not until much later, in 855 AD, that Pope Nicholas I gave the wedding ring a new meaning as a symbol. From then on, the ring was considered a Christian symbol of love, infinity and marriage. The partners lit up the wedding rings at the wedding and promised themselves an everlasting bond with God.

In our latitudes, it has simply been part of a wedding ceremony since the 13th century. The importance of the wedding ring is linked to important values ​​such as loyalty and love. If the marriage had a logo, it would be two intertwined rings. The individual wedding ring as a symbol also stands for infinity, since it has no beginning and no end in its roundness. The two intertwined pieces of jewelry make this clear again: in order to separate them, one of the rings would have to be broken.

The Wedding Ring as a Symbol: More Than Just A Gesture

The wedding ring with its symbolic content is now considered a symbol of love. The vernacular in particular knows certain “wisdoms” and traditions that are related to the custom. The ring is therefore not just a symbol of love: when the wedding rings are put on during the wedding ceremony, predictions about the marriage can even be made. So it says: If the ring goes smoothly over the finger of the woman, the man is the dominant part in the marriage. However, if he gets stuck on the middle part of the ring finger, the woman will have the say. Another popular rule is that married people should never take off the wedding ring.

Symbol Wedding Ring: Material and Appearance

The meaning of the wedding ring is important, after all, the ring is considered a symbol of the love of the newlyweds, which they give each other during the ceremony. When putting on the wedding rings, the most important thing is the symbolic value. The look of the piece of jewelry can be individual, depending on the taste of the spouses.

There are different types that differ greatly in material and appearance. Depending on how much money a couple wants to spend, they can choose between platinum, gold, silver or other precious metals. Spouses on a smaller budget often choose stainless steel. Of course, the importance of the wedding ring does not depend on how much money you invest in it.