The Tax Exemptions and The Right Options for You


The last quarter of the year is traditionally the month of tax exemption. Many of you are wondering about the best solutions to reduce the amount of your income tax and look for the tax exemption product that will allow you to reduce the tax bill. In this regard, hiring a tax advisor like Morrison Management will give you peace of mind.

The taxpayers are allergic to tax

We are too often obsessed with the prospect of finding a way to pay less tax to the point of preferring to make a bad investment, to prefer to get poorer than to pay taxes. Visiting is important here.

Tax exemption is good

Investing to enhance your heritage is better. The obsession with tax exemption is often a sign of very poor management of your assets; you should not seek tax exemption at all costs, this is a major mistake.

  • When your banker or more generally your salesman of tax exemption products develops his commercial discourse, you must imperatively concentrate your attention on the patrimonial interest of the investment and put the tax advantage in the background.
  • You don’t make an investment to reduce your taxes, you make an investment because the risk / return ratio is attractive and the performance outlook is satisfactory.
  • This is the main reason why you never recommend tax exemption products or other “industrial products”. These are tax exemption products without yield, without any asset interest other than tax exemption.

At the exit, sometimes we have good surprises, but generally, it would have been more profitable to pay his taxes and not to bother with products with which everyone makes money, except the saver. Tax exemption is not a patrimonial objective! On the contrary, enhancing one’s wealth, preparing for retirement, and building up additional income are heritage objectives.

  • Tax exemption systems are just tools that will allow you to reach your goal faster. It is with this vision that you should consider investing in a tax exemption product and not otherwise.
  • Considering only the tax cut is the best solution for investing in bad conditions.
  • Let’s try to “sweep” the different solutions that will allow you to achieve your wealth objectives.

Prepare for your retirement with a tax exemption solution

Preparing for retirement is a major asset objective. Many of you are worried about the amount of your future retirement. It is for preparing for a supplementary retirement means saving to build up additional income.

Preparing for retirement means investing for the long term and thus being able to “take risks” in the short term, accept short-term volatility in order to hope for a better long-term return. This is the main point of investing in retirement savings. Realizing very long-term retirement savings without investing in shares is nonsense.

Note that the investment in shares can be made through UCITS or live securities

The live securities option for very long-term holding is a meaningful option that perfectly meets a long-term passive investment strategy as we detail in this article ” Stock market: Investing with real” passive management “for to take advantage of the long-term dynamism of companies?”.