Things to consider before buying homes with pools in Surprise, Arizona


Surprise in Arizona, with its remote location from the metro areas, is an ideal place to own a home with a swimming pool. Most homes in the city have small, medium, and large-sized pools. And not surprisingly, the sales of Surprise, Arizona homes for sale with pool are constantly high in the city and one of the top requirements of most potential buyers.

You also come across all types of homes, including luxury homes with big pools or single-family homes with small ones. Regardless of the reasons, having your swimming pool is much better than taking a trip to the community pool every time you feel like taking a swim. But before you buy a home with a swimming pool, here are some things you should know.

Benefits of buying a home with a pool

They are a great place to relax

Pools are a great place to relax. Many people use their pool to spend time with family and friends in the water or poolside. However, you don’t have to be swimming to enjoy your pool. 

You can also sit at its edge and soak up some sun or look over it while thinking through something important. Pools are also great because they allow you to spend time alone—if there are children at home, they will probably want some time alone too! Lastly, if you have pets who like spending time outdoors with their owners (and who doesn’t love animals?), having a pool will give them an escape from the hot summer days.

Pool ownership can increase your home’s value

As a buyer, you can expect to get your money’s worth when you buy a home with a pool. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes with pools add up to $15,000 in value in Surprise, Arizona, when sold compared with similar properties without pools. 

The association’s data shows that homes with above-ground pools in Surprise see an average increase in value of $5,000. In contrast, inground pool properties see an average increase in value of $10,000 over comparable properties without pools.

It increases your home’s energy efficiency

The pool uses less energy than your air conditioning unit, which means that if you have a pool in your backyard, you’ll be able to lower your monthly electric bill. You can also use the pool as an extra cooling system for when it gets hot outside and needs some relief from the heat. If you use both methods together (pool and air conditioning), then it will help reduce your gas bill too!

Interestingly, people in Surprise, Arizona, spend about 266 USD per month on electricity, totaling 3192 USD in a year, which is higher than the national average of 2,428 USD. Having a pool will help you reduce that amount by quite a bit.

Arizona laws for homes with pools

According to the laws of Arizona, as a homeowner in Surprise, you will be held accountable for ensuring that your pool is safe. Swimming pools must be fenced in, with a self-closing gate that locks automatically on all sides. All swimming pools must have a safety cover when not in use.

Further, property owners should install alarms around all swimming pools to alert residents if there is any danger of a child falling into the pool or an animal getting into it unsupervised.

Maintaining a home pool

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, all homeowners with residential pools in Surprise must keep their swimming pools clean of moss, dirt, and other substances that might contaminate the water. 

The frequency of cleaning depends on how big your pool is, how often you use it, and what kind of chemicals are in the water. If you use them infrequently, you should clean them at least once a week. If you go swimming every day and want to keep your swimming pool looking clean all the time, then you will probably need to clean it at least once a week—ideally more often than that, if possible.

Searching for Surprise, Arizona, homes for sale with a pool through a real estate agent will help you find the home you are looking for. Owning your pool has many advantages, from convenience to enjoyment. However, you must keep it clean at all times.