Tips for Fun Children’s Birthday Parties


Have you been charged with planning a birthday party for a special young child? Birthdays are second to Christmas for young children and it’s pretty easy and simple to entertain them. Remember that this party will be designed to bring joy and laughter on the young child, not make a big impression on the young guests’ parents. Keep it simple and make it well planned out and you’re sure to have a successful event. Take these recommendations from the event planning specialist to ensure your special child has a fun and memorable birthday party experience.

It is generally recommended to limit the number of guests to the child’s age. If a child is about to turn seven years old, limit the number of guests to seven. Any more than this number and it becomes overwhelming. Less is definitely more when it comes to birthday party guests for young children. Gone are the days when the entire class is invited.

Select a date, know your budget and secure the venue. Birthday parties for young children are generally held at home. If you do elect to have it at a park, amusement center, bowling alley or min-golf course, be sure to understand the policies of the venue and secure it in advance of sending the invitations. For children under the age of eight, limit the activities. A backyard birthday party can be just as fun as a day at the circus. Tie dying t-shirts, scavenger hunts and traditional pin the tail on the donkey and piñata games are all proven winners.

Enlist the birthday child in selecting a theme for the event. Disney characters are generally a huge hit with this age group. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and make your selection for party ware and decorations from the huge variety available from the Disney Store. The birthday child will be delighted. Order the cake, send the invitations and have a grand time building memories and celebrating a new year for the special birthday child!