Tips to know how to Improve the Air Quality of your Air Con Units at Home

Home Improvement

These days, energy costs continue to rise and the climate too seems to push the thermostats past their averages. The traffic interstates bumper-to-bumper, thereby billowing the industrial smokestacks. When we think about air pollution these are just a few of the images which spring to mind.

But, what about the indoor air which is getting polluted?

Did you ever think about the safety of your indoor air quality?

Air pollution at home can be just as bad as possible as what it is outdoors and this is the truth. You would think that the indoor air quality would be something which we would hear about more often with the average American spending 87% of their life indoors. But this is nothing to panic about!

You can now take immediate steps to improve your indoor air quality today with a little preventative maintenance and some basic knowledge.

Common elements polluting the air

Contaminants which are brought in from the outdoors by your pets to the dangerous gas leakage, air pollutants can range. That common air pollutant resulting from the natural gas which escapes into your home without being burned off is carbon monoxide.

As this can be damaging to the lings when released into the air the older homes would contain asbestos and lead particles. Mold and mildew can become a sure nuisance when the moisture levels are typically higher than in the rest of your house in the bathrooms and in the kitchen.

The following are the 5 things which you can perform right away to improve the air quality of ducted air conditioning Sydney.

  1. Changing air filters

To give your home a perfect temperature all year round, the air con units are working in this principle. They are also filtering out some of those common air pollutants while they are cycling through all that air. Their air filters thereby fill up and stop doing their job eventually. It also wears down your AC system which can lead to costly repairs down the road and not only does that cause trouble for your indoor air quality.

Get an air conditioning service plan which can normally include a filter change especially if you are prone to allergy or are living in a metropolitan area with high levels of pollution so you need to be sure to change your AC filters on a regular basis.

  1. Checking on your air ducts

Providing a comfortable climate in every room, the air ducts are responsible for the distribution of the hot and cold air. But the contaminants can also be distributed if you really want to improve the air quality in your home. It should be well inspected and maintained periodically when it comes to your vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer, and kitchen vents. To clean or replace these common household filters every month it is recommended to clean or replace them.

  1. Using cooking vents

It is through the kitchen than many indoor air pollutants come in. harmful contaminants including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are released through the gas stoves. Be sure to turn on your kitchen vents or open a window to help to filter out the air even, more, when you are cooking.

  1. Keeping your rugs and carpets clean

The comfort of your home can well be increased by the rugs and the carpets. Trapping the dust and other particles in their many fibers, they act as their own air filters. To improve the air quality in your home by just lying there cleans your carpets and rugs on a weekly basis.

  1. Controlling humidity in your home

The hot summer months can bring about especially humid conditions as humid and moist conditions breeds mold and mildew which can trigger respiratory issues. Curb the growth of irritating molds with few well-placed aesthetics by reducing the amount of moisture in the air.