Top 5 Android Games


The evolving scenario of mobiles is expanding itself and opening up a lot of options for us. What started merely as the communication device does not carry a world within.

Of all the things that give us, the most addictive has been the games. Today, there are a lot of game options available for the people.

Talking about the games, how can we forget the amazing graphics and user-interface that we get to experience, both on Android and iOS.

If you are struggling to make your choice of which few games to try your hands on, then let us ease you ways for making the choice.

If you are an Android user, here are ultimate top 5 android games you should definitely try. Let us go through them in a little depth:

1. PUBG:

PUBG is now a known name in the world of games for its unique game concept and great graphics.

It is an open battleground where you have to fight and kill as many players and have to make it at the end.

It is easy to play and even the new players can make their way into the game. You can either play alone or make a team.

There are options to chat and even communicate directly to your team member telling them if the enemy is ahead and when the supplies are dropped.

2. Shadowgun Legends:

Next in the list is Shadowgun Legends and this is for that group of people who want to keep themselves from battleground themes.

The game is developed by Madfinger Games and the player is one intergalactic mercenary who fights the alien mercenaries to win loot and money.

There is a huge collection of weapons for the players to choose from along with skins for your character and armors.

The game has great graphics and has a thrilling concept. You can even form a team of three people.

You can also choose from real-time and team battle.

3. The Room: Old Sins:

If you like something that keeps your brain engages and make it act wisely, then the Room: Old Sins is the game for you.

It is the puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games and is also the 4th award winning the game in the “The Room” puzzle series game.

In this game, you will have to explore the home of an ambitious engineer who is missing when you discover a dollhouse in the attic

You will have to explore different rooms in the dollhouse. Each of them is filled with puzzle boxes with different devices.

You will only be able to figure out that what has happened in the house and why the engineer and his wife is missing only if you solve all the puzzles.

This game will keep you intrigued throughout.

4. Death Road to Canada:

One of the most adventurous games in the list and it is making people go mad after it for all valid reasons.

The game starts with a zombie apocalypse and you will be a part of a squad of all different yet amazing characters, all on the deadly mission.

You have to stay safe and work with the entire squad to keep Canada safe.

On your way, you will explore supplies and all will have to manage the health of the team along with your own.

5. Costa Bingo:

If playing battle games or fighting games is not your cup of tea, then you should probably try your hand on Costa Bingo.

This is also a game for those who like playing online casino or gambling games. The game has sub-categories of different games.

You can choose from 90balls or 75 ball bingo, and 3 bingo rooms. The fun doesn’t end here and you can always find someone online.

There is also a chat room option where you can chat with other players. If you are not much into ball games, then there are more options as well.

The app offers slot games and Roulette to taste diversity. You even get £5 when you register in the app.

These are 5 games that are on the top of the list and all of them are amazing in their specific genre.