Top Websites that Post News worth Reading


Reading news today is no easy task. Gone are the days when the simple 10- page newspapers and a few channels on the television was all one needed to stay ahead of the current affairs around the world. Now we have to navigate our way through hundreds of online websites and blogs to find those pristine pieces of truth-filled news while battling away the pop-up ads and the fake news. To make your job a little easier I have listed a few of the newsworthy websites who give genuine world-class news.


A well-reputed international news agency, Reuters is a world-class news website originally based in London. Founded in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter, this news website has grown to be a well-respected news outlet all around the world. It is the designated news website used for collecting data on various topics by the delegates of Model United Nations (MUN). It employs around 2,500 journalists as well as 600 photojournalists all over the world. All of them follow the Reuters Handbook of Journalism in order to bring to the public a fair representation of the current affairs while upholding the integrity and freedom of speech.

Yahoo! News

Although left behind by Google as a search engine, Yahoo still tops the charts when it comes to a news website. First started as an aggregate to the once-popular search engine, Yahoo! News took rapid strides as a news website posting eye-catching and relevant news. Yahoo! News even introduced to us the iconic Katie Couric. It even developed a news app the won the apple apps award. As of 2014, it ranks 2nd among the charts reviewing global news websites.


Ranked no.1 among the global news portals, Reddit is one of the most widely used online news platform. The best thing about Reddit is that along with reading the news you can discuss it with fellow users of the news website. Based on San Francisco, California it was founded by roommates Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in October 2006. Although used by many as a social media website, the news platform of Reddit is still pretty wide.

Google News

A news aggregate of the tech giant, Google News belongs among the top 5 news websites of the world.  It boasts of broadcasting news in over 30 languages around all major regions of the world. It aggregates news from over 25,000 publishers within 60 days and creates a comprehensive window for you to view them all. It also provides features to search a specific news piece or sort them as per date and time.

Al Jazeera

Literally meaning the island, Al Jazeera is a major global news website. It was originally based in Qatar as an Arabic news outlet but later expanded to cover and broadcast all international news in multiple languages. It is applauded by many as a moderate and impartial news website than most in the Middle-east.

So, here you go. Next time when you find yourself overwhelmed with the onslaught of incessant and irrelevant news material, keep calm and refer to this list of news sites. For knowledge is, indeed, power.