Turf: A Great Alternative To Real Grass


Are you fed up by watering, fertilizing and mowing your natural lawn just to keep it look good all year round? If you’re tired of the real grass, then it’s time to fake it! Artificial grass is the answer! Whether you’re looking for a more gorgeous lawn or you want a safe playground for your kids and pets, then turf is definitely a great alternative to natural grass.


Most artificial grasses last for 20 years or more before they need replacement, though it still depends on the materials used and their usage. Australian Synthetic Lawns has a range of quality turfs made with durable materials. Need a durable fake grass for your lawn? Or you need it indoor? Shop for artificial grass for indoors from Australian Synthetic Lawns and enjoy a long-lasting green space in your home.

Great For Extreme Climates

If you’re living in a region with extreme weather conditions where keeping natural grass is a costly and wasteful endeavor, then you can surely benefit from having a fake grass installed in your lawn. The reason synthetic grass is perfect for these conditions is that it requires less maintenance. Of course, artificial grass is also perfect for moderate climates. Contact your local turf supplier now.

Good For Heavy traffic Areas

Another great thing about synthetic grass is that is perfect for areas where live grasses suffer. Dog kennels, kids’ playgrounds and poolsides are all candidate for turf upgrades. Laying fake grass in these areas does not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your space, but it also reduces mud and dirt that gets stuck in your home by your pets and kids.

Perfect For Sporting Activities

Are you playing golf? One of the most popular uses of synthetic grass is for sporting activities. If you are an avid golf player, it’s a great idea to allot a space in your lawn to improve your game. Synthetic grass for golf is easy to install and it can give you the perfect playing surface you need.

Talk to your local supplier or installer if you want to have a gorgeous playing ground. Shop for artificial grass for playgrounds from Australian Synthetic Lawns if you want to improve your sports game.

Ready to Purchase?

Synthetic lawns are weatherproof carpets. One of the best things here is that customers have a wide range of options to choose from upon visiting a local supplier in Sydney or browsing online. You have to choose from various colors, thickness, textures and longevities. Be sure that you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and talk to a trusted supplier for help.

If you’re tired dealing with the hassles of maintaining your live lawn all year round, then it’s time for upgrade. Synthetic grass provides a lot of benefits that you, your kids and pets will surely love. If you’re ready for a synthetic grass upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact Australian Synthetic Lawns for help.