Unique facts on Bali


Bali is a large and highly popular province of Indonesia. It is part of the twenty-six islands that make up Indonesia and has grown to become a leading tourist attraction from a sleepy fishing village.

It is a multicultural area and those visiting the island get to indulge and learn about the many cultures that have come together to live and protect life in the island.

Here are some unique features of Bali that attract numerous tourists every year.

Five-star resorts and hotels

Bali is home to one of the leading hotel brands in the world, the Ayana hotels. Ayana hotels runs five-star hotels and resorts in the island of Bali and is a leading tourist attraction to the area.

The Labuan Bajo, one of the most iconic and popular Ayana hotels located in Bali offers affordable packages for their guests. One of the most popular package activity is the three-day sailing cruise form labuan bajo to komodo.

Other Ayana hotels offer high levels of superior hospitality service, accommodating and sumptuous meals from all over the world.

Komodo National Park 

The Komodo Dragons, the largest reptile found on land are indigenous to Indonesia. They are specifically found in the region around the island of Bali whose weather favors them. 

The Komodo National Park where tourists can have a firsthand experience is another tourist attraction to the island of Bali.

The Komodo dragons are large lizards that are fast on their legs, are very aggressive hence their name dragons. Once at the park, you need a park ranger to guide you. They keep you safe from the aggression of the dragons and educate you on how to deal with them.

The vast Indian Ocean

Bali is an island. The people of Bali take care of their environment and the Indian Ocean around them. This part of the Indian Ocean is sparkling clean and is an absolute joy to swim in.

Hotels take their guests deep into the ocean to enjoy snorkeling and diving sessions. In these waters, lives rare species of fish and beautiful coral reefs that are a memorable sight to view.


Bali is also known for its culture. The people of Bali are warm, hospitable and very welcoming. In addition, you get to visit locations that are a sign of their culture. There are Buddhist temples that have been in existence for 100 years. In addition, you get to experience the way of life for a people who are rooted in their culture but are attuned to the modern ways of living.

In addition, you will get to enjoy the diverse cuisine of the Balinese as a result of the mixed cultures of which they are composed.

Pink and black beach

Being an island, Bali is largely a beach. Besides the usual white sandy beaches, Bali is also home to unique beaches. 

In Bali, you will get to experience a pink beach. There are only ten others around the world. You can get to bask in this uniquely colored beach and take photos to capture your experience.

You will also get to see a black sandy beach. This is very uncommon and is caused by the volcanic mountains that dot the island.

Mountainous islands

A trip to Bali is incomplete without hiking the several towering islands. Usually, hotels organize for their guests to hike the closest island to them. It is often a half-day journey that begins at the crack of dawn to ensure that by the time its noon and the sun at its hottest, majority of the hikers are enjoying the view from the top of the island and preparing to hike down.


Bali is a unique territory of Indonesia. It has lots of tourist attractions that attracts lots of people to visit the island. The unique culture and natural environment are a big attraction. Also, there are numerous five-star hotels that have set up there to take advantage of the beauty of this island.