Universal Robot Takes Automation To A Whole New Level


Industrial automation continues to gain a worldwide popularity due to the need for industries and companies to minimize their production expenses and also increase the overall quality of their products.

Fortunately Universal Robots has developed modern robots, which are changing automation. This new generation models known as the collaborative robots or cobots have an inherent safety feature which allows them to work harmoniously with human operators since they are very flexible and easy to program.

This advancement in robotic manufacturing technology by Universal Robots has enabled a smooth integration of collaborative robots into the labor force and companies that have adopted their use are experiencing an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Collaborative Robots from Universal Robots

Universal Robots currently has three different collaborative robot sizes. These three robot sizes have six articulation points; they are also very flexible hence the main reason as to why they have undergone an easy integration into the production environment all over the world.

Below are the three different collaborative robots from Universal Robots in detail.

1.      UR3

This is the smallest robot arm with a payload of three kilograms (3kgs/6.6lbs). It is best for use in light assembly tasks and automating workbench activities. The robot arm weighs eleven kilograms only and has a ±360 degree rotation on all of its wrist joints with an infinite rotation on its end joint.  These features make it the most flexible and light collaborative tabletop robot to work with side by side with workers at the work place.

The UR3 collaborative robot is mainly used in assembly, polish, glue and screw applications, as they require a uniform product quality. The compact form of this robot arm together with it being easy to program makes it suitable in switching it between tasks with the sole aim of fulfilling the desired manufacturing needs.

2.      UR5

This robot arm is lightweight, highly flexible and has an industrial arm that allows one to automate repetitive and conduct dangerous tasks with a maximum payload of five kilograms. The UR5 robot is perfect for optimizing collaborative process, which are of low weight such as picking, placing, packaging small weight things, testing and as a palletizing robot.

It has a working radius of up to 33.5ins (850mm) which enables it put everything within its reach, this makes it very helpful in freeing up the employees time from engaging in monotonous tasks and instead concentrate on adding value in other production stages.

The UR5 robot is also easy to program and offers a fast set up. Just like all other robots from Universal Robots, it is very safe, collaborative and offers one of the fastest payback times in the robotic industry.

3.      UR10

The UR10 cobot are the largest industrial robot arm currently available from Universal Robots. It is designed for performing larger tasks where utmost precision and reliability are of great importance. It has a payload of ten kilograms (22lbs).

This large collaborative robot arm is very useful when it comes to heavyweight collaborative tasks such as packaging, palletizing, assembly and pick and place jobs. The UR10 industrial robot is an ideal robot arm since it is has a reach radius of up to 1300mm hence very efficient in conducting tasks across a large surface area.


In most of the labor force environment all over the world, there are jobs where it is necessary for the workers to perform certain tasks manually while in other situations, in order to minimize time and resource wastage, overall automation would be the best option. Fortunately, Universal Robots provides the best solution by designing the above stated efficient collaborative industrial robots to assist.

Universal Robots has enabled the collaboration between robots and the human labor force in order to achieve maximum productivity, by making affordable and easy to program robots. This is enabling manufactures to benefit from the consistency of quality and smooth workflow that automation provides and allowing their workers to concentrate on more tactical task thus combining the best of both worlds