What Are The Pros And Cons Of Plush Carpet?

Home Improvement

Many homeowners elect to install plush carpeting because of how soft and comfortable it can be on the floor of the home. We all like to step into soft plush fibers with bare feet and with so many styles of plush carpeting to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with any selection.

With a wide range of colors and fiber options on the market, plush carpeting has never been easier to have installed. But with anything you might consider for your home, there are some clear-cut pros and cons you may want to first consider before you make your decision.

Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin for making plush carpeting a part of your home’s interior décor.

The Pros of Going Plush

There are many advantages for choosing to install plush carpeting in your home. For starters, plush carpets are some of the most resilient and durable options out there. You can place plush carpet in any room of the house, including those that see the highest levels of foot traffic.

But durability is only one major selling point. You can also expect to find a plush carpet to suit every style of home, every interior design style, and, most important, every budget. They’re available in a full spectrum of colors, shades, and decorative patterns.

Comfort is one of the most obvious selling points that motivate homeowners just like you to install plush carpeting in the living room, the bedroom; just about anywhere you want that soft, plush feeling against your bare feet.

The Cons of Plush Carpets

Despite all of the wonderful advantages that come with placing plush carpets in the home, there are some disadvantages you need to keep in mind as well. The most critical among these is the fact that plush carpet is not always best suited for installation in rooms with heavy furniture.

The reason being that the pile of the carpet can become indented by the legs and feet of couches, desks, and tables. If you have a room with many heavy furnishings, you might want to think about choosing a carpet with less thick pile so as to avoid the common denting of all your furniture.

A good way to avoid this from happening is to move the furniture around every so often. Allowing it to remain in one place for too long will almost certainly cause dents to occur in the pile.

Plush carpeting is also easier to damage if you fail to maintain it on a regular basis. The best way to keep carpet clean is by hiring your preferred beaufortsc carpet cleaning company to come out to your home on an annual basis and give the carpet a good, thorough deep cleaning.

All carpets need careful maintenance, but this is particularly important with plush carpet because of the cut of the fibers and the ability for dirt, grime, and other bacteria to get caught in between them and nestle deep inside the pile along the backing material.