What Is DiSC Consulting and Why Do You Need It?


There are many ways to build a team for the projects that you need, but there are times when you need help choosing the right candidates or equipping all of your employees with the tools they need to grow to be better communicators. Taking the DiSC assessment can show you ways to grow and develop your skills, to make you a better communicator, leader and candidate for future jobs.

What Is It?

DiSC is a behavior assessment tool developed by industrial psychologist Walter Vernon Clarke and based on the work of psychologist William Marston in which the four personality traits of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness are the center focus. This is a self-description type test where respondents choose between two or more terms to describe themselves and is used to build leadership and teams for various projects. Bringing a consultant in to help with this type of test for your teams working on government contracts can help you get the job done better, faster and with fewer miscommunications.

Why Do You Need It?

Some government jobs will require assessments to be done on the teams and a government contractor DiSC consulting firm can help you determine which teams and employees will be the best to use for these projects. The firm can also use this assessment to help you build your project teams for maximum efficiency throughout your company and give employees goals for improvement. This can streamline your communications and reduce the personality conflicts which can arise from some team builds.

Where Can You Get It?

Finding the right certified consultant to hire on full-time can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when you can find a firm to hire instead. Outsourcing this type of job means that you can pay for the service when you need it and avoid any hurt feelings which may arise from performing the assessment on coworkers. You can also become certified yourself through online and in-person schools to make your resume more marketable.

Having the right behavior assessments for your team members can help you build better teams, give your employees personal growth guidelines and reduce the number of miscommunications each project faces. For government contractors, this can mean the difference between having your contract renewed and scrambling for jobs. You can find consulting firms certified to administer assessments such as the DiSC behavior tool and to help you build the teams you need to succeed.