What is Well Drilling?

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It’s simple. With the help of some equipment, a hole is drilled into the ground to extract water, oil or other natural resources. This is called well drilling and it can be used for a variety of reasons.

Specifically, for water well drilling El Campo, this can be a great way to receive clean, reliable water for your home or town. This water is free and healthy and can be a great addition to your home. Ever wondered how well drilling services madison ga works? Keep reading.

The Process of Well Drilling

Well drilling is fascinating. To get to the natural resources below, a drill must get to the bedrock of the earth. However, there may be a huge distance between the bedrock and surface where the drill is. The dirt, clay and other materials above the bedrock are called overburden.

There are two common types of well drilling services statesboro ga. The first is with a rotary machine, which spins and hammers into the rock, causing it to fracture. The second is the cable tool, which hammers and pounds into the rock.

To avoid a collapse of the drill entrance, these drills insert steel casings every 20 feel until they reach the bedrock. Grout around the casing seals and prevents contamination of the clean water below. When water gushes through the casing, that is when you know you’ve hit the water. Insert a pump, and the drilling is complete.

Benefits of Well Drilling

If you’re investing in well water, you’ll enjoy the financial benefits of free water for the rest of your life. If drilled properly, there is no pollution in the water you receive from the well.

Well drilling is an exciting process to watch. Each step is carefully coordinated to reach the water and withdraw it safely. If you’ve ever thought about well water, the benefits of good health and less money on utility bills can be worth your time.