What to Look for In a Gaming System


Modern tech leads to massive leaps forward in performance on a regular basis, but it can often be hard to keep track of all of the big changes that are on the way. As such you can often fall behind on the latest news and what to expect, and information produced online can be come outdated extremely quickly. The past few years have led to a huge growth in online gaming markets like esports as more eyes than ever focus on the sport, and alternative markets at esportsbetting.site continue to grow too. If you’re looking to expand to your own gaming system, what tech should you be most aware of, and what changes can you expect?

The graphics card market, and changes moving forward – A centre piece of the gaming system for many is within the graphics card, but the market has been a mess for quite a while as the higher end cards are used for crypto currency mining. This may change soon, as it was recently announced by Nvidia that they will be developing strategies to bottleneck cards used for this purpose, but for now both the new and second-hand markets are very difficult. Starting out, this is especially important to know, as you may only be able to find older cards or newer hardware with awful prices.

(Image from techspot.com)

Memory shortages too – Another issue has been within memory options as prices and availability have went the same way and buying RAM has become a little more difficult – global semiconductor shortages are the reason why this is happening, but it’s starting to expand away from just this space too as Samsung had recently warned that it may start impacting the smart phone market too – it adds another element to be thoughtful of when deciding on your new build, and may be a space that compromise is needed.

Settling for old isn’t necessarily bad – The second-hand gaming system market has become flooded in recent years as many upgrades their hardware and reach for the newest options – but grabbing a system with older hardware isn’t exactly a bad choice. Some of the big flagship hardware of years past for the bigger items like CPU and GPU actually have some great longevity, even hardware that’s four or five years old can still perform extremely well and could last for quite some time yet. If you’re able to grab a deal on an older system with some of this specific hardware, it may be well worth the compromise as it could certainly last for some time yet.

It is expected that some tech changes will start to slow, even just a little, but it may not be for long as the PC Gaming market has been changing extremely quickly for a number of years now – look out for any new announcements, as they may help temper your expectations for what to look for, and help make better decisions.