When Should You Consult an Expert Witness?


In some lawsuits, having expert witness testimony is an essential and required component of a case. If an expert is not available to provide information on why or how something went wrong or what the accepted standard of care is, juries may not have a basis to make an informed decision.

Rules Related to Testimony from an Expert Witness  

In the federal court, an expert witness can provide testimony based on the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 702. This states that an expert can offer their opinion testimony if their experience, education, training, skill, or knowledge qualifies them to do this. The opinion they provide will be beneficial for a trier of fact as long as certain caveats are met. These caveats include:

  • The testimony provided is based on provable data or facts.
  • The testimony provided is a product of reliable methods and principles.
  • The expert witness has used and applied the methods and principles reliably to the case’s facts.

Does All Math Require an Expert Witness?

One of the most common reasons an expert witness’s testimony is needed is when math or figures are involved. In these situations, having the services of a finance expert witness is often invaluable. While this is true, their services aren’t needed in every situation.  

However, for complicated situations or those that are disputed, having the help of an expert witness is invaluable. They can provide insight and information that a typical layperson may not know or have access to.

Is it Time to Hire an Expert Witness?

The decision to call or use the services of an expert witness can be difficult. A sound starting point is to ask a layperson about a specific situation. If they understand the relevant issues, the help of expert witnesses may not be necessary.

However, having a full understanding of bank procedures, which are governed by professional standards and federal law, may not be something the average layperson fully understands. This is when an expert witness’s service can be invaluable.

Finding the Right Expert Witness

Finding the right expert witness for your case or legal situation is essential to help ensure the desired effects are achieved. Take some time to consider the parts of your case or situation that need to be proven or explained. This will help you find the expert witness that compliments your case and that will help you achieve the desired outcome for the situation.