Where To Order Birthday Cake Online In Singapore


Birthdays always call for celebrations. This annual event allows individuals to honour their lives and every milestone they encountered during their lifetimes. It also lets them bond with friends and family over gifts, food, and fascinating settings or experiences. But aside from a happy celebrant surrounded by warm meals, presents, and their loved ones, birthdays are never complete without a buttercream, icing, ganache, or fresh cream cake from a Singapore bakery or pastry shop.

The tradition of having a birthday cake on someone’s natal day has been going on for centuries. According to Food & Wine, the Romans made the first celebratory cakes to commemorate occasions like weddings and birthdays. The Greeks had a similar custom but were the first to put candles on their pastries. Fast forward to modern times, bakers work tirelessly to create one-of-a-kind cakes with various flavours, shapes, and appearances. Through the years, the celebratory baked goods evolved into ganache, icing, or fresh cream cake with out-of-this-world looks and tastes.

Thanks to modern technology, residents like you can now order birthday cakes online in Singapore. With a quick browse and a few clicks on the internet, you can buy baked confectionery and have it delivered to your doorstep or your loved one’s birthday party venue. But where can you shop for these baked goods? Read on to find out.

  1. Ask Your Local Cake Store

Almost every town in the city-state has a bakery along one of its streets. If you see one in your neighbourhood, you can ask the store owner if they can make a birthday cake and send it through delivery services to your Singapore venue.

  1. Find Baker Friends

Baking has become a prevalent hobby since the coronavirus lockdown began. If you have friends or family members who make baked pastries and desserts, you can ask them if they could make a fresh cream or buttercream cake and have it delivered to your home or the party’s location.

  1. Browse Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps have become popular on the island. These innovative platforms have almost every food item you want or need, even a birthday cake, available for delivery anywhere in Singapore.

  1. Look For Bakeries And Pastry Shops Online

Many bakeries and pastry shops now have websites where customers can browse their confections and order a birthday cake online without travelling to their physical store. You can find them with a quick Google search or by scrolling through social media platforms.

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