Why Take an Indonesian Cruise Vacation?


In 2016, cruise travel reached 24.7 million cruise vacationers globally. As of 2019, the number keeps growing. If you are yet to take a cruise, then you are probably asking yourself, ‘why all the hype?’

To help explain why cruise vacations are so popular, here are four reasons why an Indonesian cruise vacation should be at the top of your list.

1. You Will Get Value for Your Money

A cruise does a good job of combining all the essential vacation components that you would otherwise be forced to pay for individually into one package. For instance, while taking a cruise, you do not need to rent a hotel room because the cruise ship will be your dwelling place for the duration of the trip.

Also, instead of eating out, which can sometimes be quite costly depending on your palate, the cruise ship will provide all your meals. Note that these will be high-end meals prepared by some of the best chefs in the world.

In terms of transport, you will not have to spend money on taxis or public transport because your days will be spent on the ship exploring the oceans. Regarding entertainment, there is constant entertainment on the ship that includes live music from notable musicians, shows, movie nights and game nights.

Essentially, a cruise allows you to get more value for your money by getting access to more for less. Also, because everything you need is right there on the ship, it is convenient.

2. A Cruise Eliminates the Hassle of Planning

The planning process constitutes one of the worst aspects of taking a vacation. For one, it takes a lot of time—you have to research suitable accommodation while staying on budget, you have to organize an itinerary of all the places you will visit which means you have to research those locations beforehand, and you have figure out how you will get around in a new country.

Sometimes, despite trying your level best, you might not find all the information you need online. Also, if there is a language barrier, then it becomes difficult to communicate with relevant authorities in your travel destination.

However, with a cruise vacation, you just need to contact the company providing a cruise that fits your preferences. After that, you pack and show up. The cruise company will take care of the itinerary; they will give you all the information you need, not to mention, facilitate easier communication by providing either a translator or someone who speaks your language.

3. You Get to Visit Multiple Destinations

Arguably, the biggest benefit of taking a cruise. With a normal or regular vacation, you will be forced to pick one destination and stick to it. With a cruise, you will visit numerous destinations depending on the duration of your trip.

As a result, instead of visiting Bali for a week, you can take the Ayana komodo island cruise that will allow you to visit Komodo island, Menjerite, Kelor island, Kalong island, Flores island and Rinca island. Each of these islands has unique features ranging from Komodo dragons found on Komodo island to the pink beach west of Flores island.

4. You Experience Variety

Cruises vary in destination length, activities, price, theme and amenities. The variation allows you to customize your vacation to fit your preferences. If you want a longer cruise, then you can choose a two-week cruise or even longer.

If you prefer a shorter cruise, then you can take a two-day cruise. Irrespective of the duration, each of the cruises will feature countless activities. Also, different cruises cater to specific target audiences. For instance, a cruise that caters to families will have child activities and onboard child care.

On the other hand, a cruise that caters to singles will provide mingling opportunities and lots of entertainment

Final Word

For sure, you cannot go wrong with a cruise vacation. If you are planning to travel this year, then this is a cue to start researching which cruise will best fit your vacation needs.