World’s First Horse Race That Was Captured In The Camera!


There is no denying that horse race is one of the most popular sporting event of the ancient time that excited numerous people worldwide but we promise that there are very few people who will know about the first horse race caught on film and its history. City of Siena, Italy is the place where first horse race was filmed by the experts. It was no ordinary film as most of the experts believe that the first horse race caught on film was a sting operation that was done to bring violence on horses. This video was used in documentary that become popular among people. This racing event is still held in the city of Siena on 2nd July and 16th august.

Here are the reason why this racing event has become popular among people –

  1. International participants – If you have any doubt about the popularity of this event then you should know this fact that numerous international jockeys compete in this event. Although 7 out of 10 horses represent the seven districts but you can witness strict rivalry among each competitor. One thing is for sure that you will have amazing time in this incredible event.
  2. Intense competition – You should also know this fact that locals are very passionate about their area and they want that there district should win. It makes grand stage of competition that hasn’t changed too much since the ancient times. It is for sure that you can relive the history again by becoming viewer of this race.
  3. Oldest horse race of the world – If you love old traditions then you should visit this place to see this race as this is the oldest horse race that is organized each year since 1644. There is no other sporting event in the world that is organized from such time at the same location where it was held first time.
  4. Civic identity – You should know and respect the fact that this race has become civic identity to this town and you should pay respect during your visit to this event. One thing is for sure that you will witness amazing and energetic aura in entire city while enjoying this wonderful race.
  5. Give importance to your safety and health – It is expected to that at least 60,000 people will watch this event so there is chance of accidents and mishaps. That is why you should own EHIC card without any further delay as your back-up. If you already have EHIC card but it is expired then you can renew your old card with the help of internet.

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