Yamaha Fz25 – Know Price, Top Speed, Specs and Price in India


Yamaha standard company that has launched Yamaha Fz25 the latest updates which costs Rs. 1, 34,680. This gives the same price of MotoGP addition. Added with extraordinary features a lot of cosmetic updates have been changed when compared with MotoGP. It is added with 249 CC single cylinders which is one of the extra advantage and cooled engine that puts 20.9 PS on it. It has been featured with disc brakes on dual sides and it is attached with dual abs system which is the advantage for or the customer who drives the bike.


As concerned in the Indian market Yamaha Fz25 is very attractive by the hands of FZ series. It looks very elegant when you ride the bike in the street it is available with more attractive features designer with fuel efficient engine.


  • Fuel type petrol
  • It is build with 5 speed gear
  • It is constructed with alloy type of wheels
  • Tubeless type tyre model
  • It is designed with 249 cc engine which runs 45 kilometer per liter.


  • It is an advanced model designed in Yamaha with 5 speed gearbox and designed with dual channel ABS system with LED headlamp.
  • Tubeless tyre is one of the extra added advantages.
  • Yamaha FZ 25 price variation from 1.36 lakhs in the showroom Delhi which is the top end model. Basically Fz25 engine is derived from Fazer 250 model in Yamaha which is designed with blue core technology.
  • The engine is assembled with two 49cc oil cooled single cylinder fuel injector with the torque production of 20.9 ps and 20 NM.
  • Yamaha which claims the efficiency of fuel of 43 km per liter for which is one of the extra added advantage and the performance is very excellent.
  • The performance of the bike is slightly varied from Brazilian model and actors very lower in competition.
  • The bike has excellent drivability and it is satisfied to Indian traffic conditions the power that is transmitted with 5 speeds from the Fazer 250 bike.
  • Actual weight of the bike is 140 kg and it is a very good segment when compared to FZ s bike it gets very sophisticated for riding position with flat and bars rear seat foot peg and forward mounted seat is one of the extra advantage to the customer can sit comfortably to drive.
  • The wheelbase is very stronger which is building with 1360 mm and it is longer with 30 mm. The bike of the front rear end is very smaller when compared with wider tyres. The bike is comprised with normal value even if ABS system is added it is one of the very excellent bikes in India.
  • In Every showroom you can purchase with EMI also the option is available.


Performance of the bike awesome and customer feel very comfortable during the ride maintenance is cheap and the styling is awesome.