How to Pawn Your Vehicle


One of the oldest ways to turn unwanted items into cash rather quickly is to head to a pawn shop. For many people, pawn shops are reliable and easily accessible places that can offer the best price for items ranging from typical household products like a kitchen table to high end items like a used car. While every pawn shop doesn’t accept every item on you to get rid of list, there is a fairly good chance that there is a shop out there looking for exactly what you are trying to sell. But what makes pawning your car different from outright selling it to a buyer? Why would you decide to go that route? Finally, if you do want to pawn your vehicle, how do you go about it?

Pawning vs Selling

When you pawn any item, it is equitable to taking out a small loan and using that item as collateral. For instance, if you have gold necklace that you want to pawn for a few hundred dollars, you would negotiate a price with the pawn shop owner and they would provide you with the proceeds from the agreement as well as terms. Over a specified amount of time, you would pay the money back to get your item back. When you sell an item, the buyer receives the item and pays for it, which concludes the transaction. While some pawn shops offer to purchase items straight out, all of them offer a loan like transaction.

Why Pawn Your Car?

Pawn shops offer a safe, reliable, and legitimate environment to sell your items. A vehicle is a large, expensive item to sell and doing it on a one on one basis can be risky. Pawn shops make transactions easy and safe. Considering a vehicle pawn as oppose to selling your car can also be a great option if you are really interested in a quick cash transaction but aren’t sure you want to give up your car for good. You can use the cash that you need and negotiate terms to get your car back before the agreement terms have expired.

How to Pawn a Vehicle?

Every pawn shop operates by their own rules like most businesses, so it is best to contact your local pawn shop and ask them what documents you will need in order to complete the transaction. However, you will need the title to your car in order to pawn it to prove that it is your vehicle to sell. Secondly, you will need to consider storage options. Some pawn shops may want to store the car themselves while others may want you to figure it out until the loan is paid off.

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