8 Best Haunted House Attractions Across the US in 2019


The haunts industry is becoming popular and huge nowadays. They’ve got more elaborate and also got scarier. If you’re looking for an activity that will frighten you, worry no more since we’ve cited here the best-haunted houses across the U.S that has a lot of in store for its visitors. Each attraction offers a shock value that will truly shake you to your core. Feel free to include below terrifying attractions on your travel plans for the Halloween season. Let’s start!

Scream World (Houston, Texas) is not suited and recommended for children under age 12 if they would want to visit without a guardian. For those who are brave enough and up for this scream-inducing experience, rest assured that Scream World will surely provide you a trip that you won’t easily forget. It has been included in the list among the top haunted event in Houston. Be sure to conquer its terrifying themed exhibits such as Edge of Darkness, Maze of Maniacs, Voodoo Swamp, Zombie Graveyard and Slaughterhouse.

Netherworld Haunted House (Stone Mountain, Georgia) is formerly located in Norcross before it has permanently moved to the suburb of Atlanta – Stone Mountain. In 2019, to further provide a spooky one of kind experiences to every visitor, it added new haunts namely the Night of the Gorgon and Cold Blooded. Aside from that, they also launched additional themed escape games such as Sasquatch, Haunted, Tiki Island, and Nosferatu. It also offers guests another terrifying and challenging activity where they have to fight off the walking dead in a laser tag arena.

Terror Behind Walls (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is another haunted attraction that must be on your list. Its current location is an abandoned prison and is being claimed to be one of the haunted places in the area. Be ready to walk through the eerie grounds, common areas of the storied prison, and even cell blocks wherein most notorious inmate was Al Scarface Capone. It contains six themed attractions namely Infirmary, Machine Shop, Breaks Out, Locks Down, Blood Yard and Quarantine 4D. Every turn will surely be a surprise.

The Dent School House (Cincinnati, Ohio), as the name suggests, is a former school that opened its doors in the year 1894. It had a murderous janitor named Charlie who was never caught and brought to justice. It is still a question nowadays if Charlie is the one who haunts the halls of the school. Some of the rooms that you may visit include Charlie’s workshop, boiler room, bedroom, and the janitor’s student holding cell. It also features an intense clown-themed maze known as the Detention Hall. Don’t worry you may visit here with the children since there’s no age limit. On the other hand, it is recommended for the parents to bring their younger children for the Lights on Tours.

Brace yourself as you visit this real haunted place. Pennhurst Haunted Asylum (Spring, Pennsylvania) was an asylum for mentally and physically disabled individuals but later on became a refuge for orphans, criminals, and even immigrants. Its facility can be compared to a city however, residents lived in overcrowded and neglectful conditions until it was finally closed after more than 70 years in operation. Today, there are parts of the building that are open for the public to explore namely the Containment, The Morgue, and Mayflower After Dark. If you want, you can avail of their overnight paranormal investigations.

The Edge of Hell (Kansas, Missouri) is one of the oldest attractions as it was opened back in 1975, decades ago before the haunted attractions had become what it is today. It features rat people, vampires, and even the world’s longest-living snake named Medusa. Also, feel free to try out The Beast and Macabre Cinema. They’re worth checking out.

The Bates Motel (Glen Mills, Pennsylvania) is one of the most well-known haunted houses in the U.S. Be ready to feel and internalize as if you’re inside of a horror movie in comparison to a haunted attraction. You will notice that the special effects are very good and appropriate. We’re challenging you to take a haunted hayride plus the Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Trail. 

Let’s head over the Headless Horseman (Ulster Park, New York). Speaking of New York’s Hudson Valley, you’ll surely say that it’s beautiful and rich in history but aside from that, it can also offer travelers a little bit of its spooky side. Can you make it after whopping on its featured attractions? Be sure to stay there for a while to cover and experience all of it such as a corn maze, a mile-long hayride, eight haunts, Two Raven Manor, the Lunar Motel, escape rooms, and Deal with the Devil.

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